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Tulu Parba Competitions by Tulu Koota Kuwait

Tulu Parba Competitions by Tulu Koota Kuwait

Tulu Koota Kuwait (TKK) in addition to its objective of “Unity through language” and promote the culture of Tulunadu, holds various activities and events throughout the year. Tulu Parba competition is one among them where Tulu Koota Kuwait provides a platform to all the members of the association to showcase their talent as well an occasion to gather all fellow Tuluvas together under one roof as a family.

TKK – Tulu Parba 2021 competitions are here, and we are happy to inform you all that the registrations have already begun for this year’s events. The competitions will be held every Friday, August 20 to September 3, 2021, through Zoom video link and TKK youtube channel.

We have lots of fun frolic games and exciting activities for the creative folks of TKK. Hence, do not miss this opportunity to enjoy. Competitions have been chalked out for all age groups. That includes Twinning with Mom or Dad, Coloring, Fancy Dress, Solo Dance, Show & Tell, and other exciting and fun-filled competitions for adults. There will be special prizes for the highest likes on the TKK YouTube page apart from the judge’s selection.

TKK Management committee urges active members to rush their entries for registration. We look forward to the active participation of all Tulu Koota Kuwait members.

For registrations, kindly contac: Mr. Roshan Quadras (66922964), Mr. Jagadeeshwara Shanubogue (97295367), Mr.Chandrahasa Shetty (55941955), Mr. Manoj Shetty (66027622).

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