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Kuwait: TKK conducts online workshops for classes 4 to 12

Tulu Koota Kuwait (TKK), a well-known South Karnataka association here, organized five online workshops for the students of classes 4 to 12 of the CBSE syllabus from October 9 to 16 and on November 20, respectively.

Srilatha, a certified counselor and trainer from Bengaluru was the resource person for all these five online workshops.

In a learning environment different from classrooms, students learn more effectively and efficiently. Far from the textbooks and academic syllabus, students are more curious to research and learn on their own which boosts their confidence, performance, and productivity. To study in a way that helps the students remember faster with less effort and to help the students to learn more effective and efficient ways and to learn smarter rather than harder, Tulu Koota Kuwait organized online workshops named 'Art of study' which was more beneficial to the students. In total, five online sessions from class 12 to class 4 were conducted which were open to all Indian students and around 150 students participated and benefited.

The online session mainly focused on imparting and teaching easy and simple techniques about how to prepare for exams, how to increase memory and to learning simple math technique skills etc. The students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and appreciated the efforts taken by Tulu Koota for putting up these online sessions.

Arshia Bhandary and Hrustun Fernandes played the National Anthem during the opening ceremony of the workshops.

Ramesh Bhandary, the president of Tulu Koota Kuwait, the main coordinator welcomed all the participants and briefed about the association.

Ashiwitha Poojary, Preeti Shetty, Sushman Bangera, Shobha Bhandary, Manohar Prabhu committee members of TKK gave a brief introduction of the resource person to the participants in the respective workshop.

Vijay Wilson, the general secretary and Lionel Mascarenhas, the welfare officer of TKK coordinated well all the five online sessions. It was well supported by the management and committee members of TKK who encouraged the students to register and participate.

In all, it was very successful and a fun interactive workshop for the students which was well appreciated by the parents of the students through their feedback.