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Ramesh S Bhandary (President-Tulu Koota Kuwait) in conference discussion w/ CM of Karnataka- COVID19

Mr. Ramesh S Bhandary President of Tulu Koota Kuwait along with Other Gulf Karnataka Association leaders held a video conference meeting arranged by GULF NRI Forum with Hon. Chief Minister of Karnataka Sri B.S.Yediyurappa to discuss the issue of COVID19 in Kuwait.

Kannadigaru Dubai & Karnataka NRI Forum organized a Video conference call with Hon. Sri. B. S. Yediyurappa, Chief Minister of Karnataka along with Karnataka Associations of various countries of Gulf region to discuss the challenges and issues faced by Kannadigas in Gulf Countries during pandemic COVID-19. During this video conference, association leaders briefly explained various issues, statistics of emergency cases which include Pregnant women, Senior citizens, visit visa expired cases, and urgent medical treatment requirement cases who wish to travel back to Karnataka to CM Yadiyurappa.

Following requests are explained to CM for his notice and attention:-

Evacuation flights to Bangalore and Mangalore from Kuwait and other Gulf countries

Priority-based evacuation of people with no jobs, expired visit visas, pregnancy, and those seeking urgent medical assistance

Provide free Airline tickets or discounted price- FREE Quarantine Facility at Bengaluru and Mangaluru

Dedicated Covid - 19 Helpline number for Karanataka NRIs- Nominate One line Contact person in Karnataka to co-ordinates all Covid related issues of NRI.

KNRI website to collect data of Kannadigas worldwide through registration. (This will help Karnataka Govt to plan current evacuation and future activities)

On Behalf of Kannadigaru Dubai & KNRI Forum, Gulf Kannadigas & Gulf Karantaka associations leaders expressed the happiness with BS Yadiyurappa - Hon Chief Minister of Karnataka, Raghavendra Yadiyurappa - Member of Parliament - Shivamogga constituency, for hearing problems of NRI and giving assurance of immediate action plan to repatriate needy Kannadigas from Gulf region to Karnataka.

Video conference was attended by Karnataka association leaders of Gulf Countries.

Ramesh S Bhandary (President-Tulu Koota Kuwait) in conference discussion w/ CM of Karnataka- COVID19