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Tulu Koota Kuwait – AGM 2019

Young and dynamic leader Ramesh Shekar Bhandary was re-elected as president of Tulu Koota Kuwait (TKK) for the consecutive second term.

The 20th annual general body meeting of Tulu Koota Kuwait which is one of the largest Associations in Kuwait was held on December 13 at the auditorium of Indian Community School, senior branch, Salmiya, Kuwait. The program commenced with Kuwait and the Indian national anthem followed by a welcome dance by Alaska Jithendra Rao, a budding talent and committee member of Tulu Koota Kuwait. The outgoing members of the managing committee led by outgoing president Ramesh Shekhar Bhandary marked the auspicious beginning of the program by lighting the ceremonial lamp along with TKK advisory members.

At the meeting, General Secretary Mr. Vijay Wilson Albuquerque submitted the Annual Report 2019 that reflected on the accomplishments of the Koota during this glorious 20th year. The report was well supported with a display of slides of all the events of the year 2019. The Audited Annual Financial Reports for the year 2019 were presented by Treasurer Mr. Shankar Shetty and both reports were approved in the meeting after the question answers session.

The Committee members who had surpassed all efforts in reaching out to individuals, advertisers, and sponsors to support the events of Tulu Koota during the year were awarded during the AGM. The Top 5 financial contributors for the koota during 2019 are President Ramesh Shekar Bhandary, Advisor Mr.Wilson Dsouza, Vice President Sanath Kumar Shetty, Executive Member Mr.Harish S Bhandary, and the advisor Mr.Ramesh Kidiyoor. Committee members with the Highest raffle tickets sale were also given Gift vouchers for their support.

The Committee members Mr. Jagadeesh Shanubogue, Mr. Tarendra P. Shettigar Mr. Suresh Salian, Mrs. Shalini Vijay Shetty, Ms. Geeta Suvarna, Mrs. Swrana Shetty, Mr. Wilson Dsouza, and Dr. Preeti Shetty were honored for their outstanding selfless contribution to TKK in the year 2019.

During this event certificates of appreciation were distributed to all dancers and artists of the Bhoomi Bechaand music play held during Tulu Parba 2019.

Mean time Mr. Yadunath Alva energetic Executive Committee member of TKK spontaneously carried out a quiz competition for the gathered audience, and many won the exciting prizes.

This was followed by the election of 2020 Managing Committee members for the Koota. Returning Officer Mrs. Shalini Yadunath Alva efficiently conducted the entire election process and announced the members unanimously elected as office bearers of Tulu Koota Kuwait for the year 2020

The elected members of the new managing committee are:

The President – Mr. Ramesh Shekar Bhandary

The Vice President – Mr. Sanath Shetty

General Secretary – Mr. Vijay Wilson Albuquerque

Joint Secretary – Mr. Manoj Shetty

Treasurer – Mr. Shankar Shetty

Internal Auditor – Mr. Govind Babu Belchada

Cultural Secretary – Mr. Abdul Razak

Sports Secretary – Mr. Roshan Quadros

PRO – Mr. Chandrahasa Shetty

Welfare Officer – Mr. Lionel Mascarenhas

The newly elected Managing Committee members in their introduction speech thanked Tulu Koota Kuwait members for accepting their nomination in the new role. They assured the members they would conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, commitment, and teamwork to boost Tulu Koota Kuwait public profile significantly.

The reelected President, Mr. Ramesh Shekar Bhandary in his speech expressed his gratitude for reelecting him for the second term as the President of TKK for the year 2020. As the Tulu Koota Kuwait Stepping into its 21st year of formation, he assured that along with his new dynamic team he would work to bring in innovative ideas, strategic thinking and, most valuable strive to increase the credibility and visibility of Tulu Koota Kuwait in the space of welfare and charity projects, and also the existing welfare project under the banner of “Ashraya Yojana” “Glimmer of Hope” and “Project Education” would continue with the extended scope and dimension to it. He also stressed upon the membership would be Solly utilized for TKK member's welfare upon their requests or appeals and urged the members to bring more and more Tuluvas residing in Kuwait under the umbrella of the Tulu Koota Kuwait Family. He concluded his speech by rendering best wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The evening was made more colorful by the talents of Tulu Koota Kuwait members as below;

1. Tulu and Hindi song By Suresh Salin

2. Kannada Song by Sharif Kairangala

3. Dance by Hawalli Kids

4. Skit by Lional Mascarenhas & Team.

5. Hindi song by Tarunnum Fayaz

6. Beatbox performance by budding talent and TGT winner Dion Dsouza

7. Dance by Royce and Roseline.

8.Dance by Ashna and Arpit Ram

8. Keyboard and Violin music mixing by Riton and Milborn Fernandes.

The highlight of the day was the Christmas celebration with a Christmas table skit performed beautifully by TKK artists which were well directed by talented TKK MC member Mr. Lional Mascarenhas. The literature for this play was scripted by Mr. Tharendra P. Shettigar. Music was given by Mr. Sunnet Noronha and Purandar Manchi and technically coordinated by Mr. Ronald Dsouza. The entry of Santa Claus spreading out joy and cheer and ringing in happiness and good luck for the New Year 2020. The Christmas and new year celebrations were held by cutting of the cake by the reelected President Mr. Ramesh Shekar Bhandary and his management committee members with TKK’s little children. The event was well coordinated by Cultural Secretary Mr. Abdul Razak and wonderfully hosted by young and energetic talent Mr. Adarsh Bhandary.

The event came to an end with a Vote of Thanks by the General Secretary, Mr. Vijay Wilson Albuquerque. The delicious dinner at the program was served by Royal Star Restaurant and lighting and sound support was provided by Wave Events and Rentals, the event photography was covered by Sanath Shetty & his Photography Team.