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Huge Audience attracted at the Tulu Koota Kuwait Famiy Picnic 2014

Huge Audience attracted at the Tulu Koota Kuwait Famiy Picnic 2014

Tulu Koota Kuwait Family Picnic 2014 was held on 14th March 2014 at the Mishref garden, Kuwait with great vigor and pomp and participation of a huge enthusiastic audience.

The event was inaugurated with a unique concept of lighting the torch. The Torch was lit by the first President of the Koota, Mr. Sudhakar Shetty and then carried forward to other ex-presidents finally reaching the present President, Mr. Tharendra Shettigar who then lit the big torch declaring the event open. Children with balloons and pom-poms ran along with the torch bearers around the ground making the inauguration vibrant and colorful which was beautifully structured by Mr. Suresh Salian.

The Picnic, full of traditional games of Tulunadu, was very well coordinated by the Sports Secretary, Mr. Ronald DíSouza. It started off with popular rural game of Marbles (Goti) and then continued in rapid rotation all through the day. Tiny Tots upto 2 years of age played passing the ball and picking the ball and giving the mother with ease, while 4-6 year old children competed in the clip race and zig zag race. Little bigger boys and girls played in Kicking ball with balancing the cardboard, sack race and skipping race, while children above 10 played Kutti Donne, Lagori, Needle race and Ring in the wicket.

Ladies enjoyed Breaking the Pot, Tonka and Shot Put, while men relished Pillow fighting, Breaking the pot, and shot put. The couples had real fun in exciting games of blind walk and couple relay, while the game of Musical chair for the seniors was a feast to the eye. Competitive team games played for coveted trophies of Throwball, Voleyball, Kabbadi were keenly contested.

Men and women came to register in large numbers for the teams and the games kept the audience fascinated and engrossed for an extensive length of time. Govinda and a game of Housie housie were played while the audience settled after the games.

The Grand raffle draw that was held at the conclusion of the event continued to interest one and all with the exciting prizes after which the General Secretary, Mr. Satish Acharya gave out Vote of Thanks.

The event was beautifully compered by Manoj Shetty, Ashwitha Shetty, Purander Manchi, Sushma Bangera, Harish Bhandary, Ramesh Bhandary and Suresh Salian. Banana Leaf organized a Tasty Breakfast and a scrumptious lunch was served by Avanti Palace. Lighting and sound was arranged by Anand Illuminations. The success of the event is owed to the wholehearted support of all the committee members, who toiled day and night to achieve their target.