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Tulu Koota Kuwait - Biggest Weight Loser Contest 2013 for all Indian Nationals

Tulu Koota Kuwait is very excited to announce its weight loss contest – “The TKK Biggest Loser Contest 2013 – Season 2”, open to all Indian Nationals. Its main goal is to motivate everyone to lose weight & stay healthy.

In today’s world, where people are increasingly dependent on Internet and technology and hence prone to various ailments that were unheard of a century ago, here is an exciting way to lose weight. The contest is an ideal way to encourage healthy eating habits and daily exercises.

TKK Biggest Loser Contest 2012 – Season 1, was a roaring success and it encouraged the winners with exciting prizes and felicitations during the Tulu Parba 2012. Hence we call upon each one of you to come and register your names and weight to enroll in this unique contest.

Participants can register their names on Friday, 19thApril 2013at the American International School during Rasamanjari 2013from 4:30 pm onwards at the registration counter and record their weight at the same time.

The contest is open to every Indian Nationalabove 18 years of age and will be separate for men and women. The contestants have more than 150 days to achieve their goals, as the results will be announced at the TULU PARBA COMPETITIONS on 27thSeptember 2013.

Weight loss contests should be fun! So remember when you're looking for diets that work, you'll want to consult a physician to make sure that you're healthy enough for the particular regimen you are undertaking because we do not want anything bad to happen when you're making steps in the right direction.

There are many ways you can increase your health and fitness by just starting something today. Hence buck up Friends, come ahead and take part in this unique competition. LOSE WEIGHT and FEEL GREAT!!

For registration and more queries, you can contact to below TKK Committee members:

Wilson D’Souza – 97875789

Shobha Bhandary – 97155058

Ronald D’Souza - 99865712

SushmaBangera – 96672929

Vanitha Dias - 94996459