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Free medical camp was successfully conducted by Tulukoota Kuwait..

Friday, 14th March 2008, a Free Medical Camp was successfully conducted by Tulukoota Kuwait in association with Bahrain Exchange Company, and under the patronage of Kuwait Medical Association, IDF & Kuwait Heart Foundation at Indian Central School Abbassiya.

Stressful environment that the low category income people are exposed to, and the lack of awareness on health related issues is one of the key factors that causes minor ailments develop in to major ones. The primary objective of this medical camp was to extend the benefit of the medical services to the deserving low income people of all nationalities.

The medical camp commenced its session at 8:00 am in the morning with collecting of personal information by Tulukoota Kuwait volunteers from the attendees. Subsequently a set of trained Tulukooota Kuwait volunteers and nurses facilitated in height, weight, blood pressure and diabetes recording. This was further supported by a trained set of volunteers who collected the case history of the patients and directed them to the general practitioners and other specialists in charge. At the end of the examination process, the candidates were given requisite prescription, with details of the check-up and personal counseling.

The medical camp encompassed general, orthopedic, cardiology, ENT, diabetic, vision/ophthalmology, skin, surgery/gastro checkups. This medical camp has attracted a large crowd especially from India, Bangladesh, Srilanka & Pakistan and over 500 people benefited from the counseling and checkups provided during the day.

Tulukoota Kuwait volunteers had played a major role in spreading awareness amongst the general public on the medical camp conducted by Tulukoota Kuwait & Bahrain Exchange. A tremendous effort was put forth by the Tulukoota Kuwait volunteers in targeting the low income group, and specially in the labour camps towards identify deserving cases.

The support received from Kuwait Medical Association, IDF, Kuwait Heart Foundation and Indian Central School has been a major factor in the success of the medical camp conducted by Tulukoota Kuwait & Bahrain Exchange Company.