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Tulukoota Kuwait is organizing its first-ever Blood Donation campaign on Friday 19th February 2010.

Tulukoota Kuwait Blood Donation Campaign

Tulukoota Kuwait is organizing its first-ever Blood Donation campaign on Friday 19th February 2010.

Donors registering with Tulukoota Kuwait will be able to donate blood at Central Blood Bank Jabriya on Friday 19th February 2010 from 08:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs.

Tulukoota Kuwait blood donation campaign aims to promote the spirit of “Share your love & care with the society”.

If you feel passionately towards contributing to this noble cause, joins hands with us by donating blood. Blood donation won’t cost you anything but can bring back the smiles on the face of a needy patient Blood is precious.

Blood donation is the most noble cause as there is no substitute for human blood, although researchers have been trying for decades to develop an artificial substitute. From major surgeries to treatment of critical diseases all require blood transfusion. Only blood form one person can save another person.

For Registrations Call:

Mr Chandrahasa Shetty- 55941955

Mr Mohammed Iqbal- 99483350

Mrs Jayasheela Menzes -66230358

Mr. Ramesh Kidiyoor - 97204716

Some facts about donating blood:

Anyone between the age of 18 and 60, who is in good health may donate blood.

All blood groups are needed, whether common or rare. Donating blood not only saves lives, but may also benefit you as well. Excess iron in the blood stream has been known to cause heart attacks. The only way to remove excess iron is by loss of blood, so donating blood will lower the risk of pending heart attacks.

A number of donors have a higher number of red blood cells than normal, which increases the viscosity of blood and causes headaches. Donating blood can relieve these types of headaches. Donating blood is also thought to help reduce high blood pressure.

Giving blood is normally painless and quick. Complete restoration of blood volume only takes 72 hours.

Blood donation process in Kuwait:

1. They first check your blood and require you to complete a health questionnaire, to ensure that you are healthy enough to give blood, and that giving blood will cause you no harm. They must also make sure that your blood will be safe for the patient receiving it

2.You will go through a series of routine questions with a registered health care professional. Your answers will be treated with the strictest of confidence. If after the initial blood test and answering the questioner you do not qualify as a donor, then they will explain why and give you any needed advice. If you do qualify, they will ask you to sign permission form to test your blood later in the laboratory, and they will test your blood for typing and for any infectious diseases that may be transmitted in blood.

3. The whole process of donating blood usually takes about 35 minutes from registration to the end of the rest period.

4. Donations can only be repeated after 56 days.