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The Inauguration of the much awaited family picnic witnessed the hoisting of the TuluKoota Flag by the President Mr.Ramesh Kidiyoor which was a proud moment for the onlookers. The flag hoisting followed by march past of 4 teams namely Netravati ,Sita, Phalguni & Shambhavi. The games were open by cutting of the ribbon and releasing the balloons into the dizzing heights of the sky by President and Sports Secretary. As a symbol of peace the advisory committee members and Management committee members released doves on the occasion.

Purander Manchi, SushmaBangera, Shalini Vijay, Yadunath Alva hosted the event.The team games of Kabbadi and Voleyball for men and Throwball for Women, gathered a large number of enthusiastic team participants.

Toddlers were seen enjoying ďPassing the toy game, while children from 4-6 raced to Clip the Cloth and Pick coin from the mud. Yet a little older children, aged 6-10 were seen Racing to break balloons and racing to the finishing point with the Balloon between their legs. Boys aged 10-15 thoroughly enjoyed Lagori Solo and Kutti Donne, while girls of the same age played Lagori Solo and Tonka &Skipping race. Men were busy engrossed in Shot Put & TalembLadai-Pillow fight& Ladies spent their day with Sand Race and Pallya Tonka games.

The couple games Couple Cricket and Arbana race were the highlights of the day. While breaking the pot, open to all gathered a lot of interest among the crowds. It was a treat to watch the Seniors actively participate in games specially tailored for them in Musical Chair and Passing the Tender Coconut.

Tasty breakfast was served by China Metro. Soft drinks were freely served throughout the event by Mr. Ibrahim Pinto. The lip smacking lunch was served by Oriental Restaurant, Salmiya. The picnic also witnessed refreshments and fresh snacks served by White Top Grocery and White House Restaurant. Sound system by Illuminations- Anand Dísouza and Photography by Prashanth shetty.

Tulu Koota Committee Members worked as a team to present the fun filled day. The opening ceremony was led by Mr. Ronald Dsouza and Mr. Suresh ShyamRao. Ground Marking and Coordination was well executed by A.K.Ravindra and Harish Bhandary, Mr.Wilson & Vasanth Nayak assisted in Membership Renewal. Raffle draw and Lunch Coupons was gracefully handled by Vinay Bhandary and Vijay Kairangal. Prize Distribution was handled carefully by RekhaSachu and Sanath Shetty. Quiz was well conducted by Tharendra Shettigar. Games Registration was managed by Jaya Karkal and Kavitha Kidiyoor.

Games were well conducted by Chandrahas shetty, Sudhakar shetty, Swarna shetty, A.K. Ravindra, Yadunath Alva, Suresh Shyam Rao, Wilson Dísouza, Geeta Suvarna, Mohd Farooq, Muralidhar, Suresh Salian, Tharendra Shettigar, Sarfarez Sulaiman, Avil Fernandes, Doris Lobo, Janet Dísouza, Jason Misquith, Joyce Fernandes, Nasir, Sanath Shetty, Santhosh Kunder, Satish Acharya, Tressy Sanctis, Vanitha Dísa. Victor Saldana, Mabel Rosario, Adrin, Alexander and Govinda. Also supported by Sachidananda Suvarna,Vishweshwar Karkal and Swati Bhandary.

Picnic was well organized and coordinated by the Sports Secretary Mr. Faustine Pinto and his entire team. Great team work and dedication shown by committee members. Tulu Koota Kuwait thank and appreciate the work done by all the members, volunteers, sponsors, and also special thanks to the Advisory committee members of Tulukoota Mr. Sudhakar shetty, Mr. Vivek Rao, Mr. Satishchandra Shetty and Mrs. Swarna Shetty for their presence and enthusiastic participation in the event. Tulu Koota Kuwait applauds all the winners, participants and audience for their contribution in making the day eventful and a day to cherish. And also TKK thanks to Ministry of Public Authority for Fisheries & Agriculture for their outstanding support.

Below are the Games Prize Winner and the Raffle Draw Prize Winners: GAMES PRIZES WINNERS SPONSORED By

1. Children below 4 yrs.

Passing the toy I -Anora D'souza

II - Prakyat Shetty

III - Celsiya Crasto

2. Children (4-6yrs)

Clipping the cloth and race

I - Bhumika

II - Glen Veigas

III - Verron Dantis

Picking the coin from the mud

I- Shane Lobo

II - Kriti

III - Swasti

3. Children (6-10yrs)

Race and break the balloon

I- Deon Prince

II- Sharan Suvarna

III-Farian Shawn

Balloon between the legs and race

I -Valence Fernandes

II -Oliva Lobo

III -Rilla Mima

4 Children (10-15yrs)

Boys Lagori (solo)

I - Shawn Serra

II - Srujan Rao

Kutti Donne

I - Ajay V Karkal

II - Prithvy

5. Children (10-15yrs) Girls

Lagori (solo)

I - Pracheta Shetty

II - Suzan Saldana

Tonka and Skipping race

I Aditi Suvarna

II Rania Kidiyur

6 Ladies

Sand Race

I - Nalini Shetty

II - Philomina

Pallya Tonka

I -Seema

II - Nalini Shetty

7. Gents

Shot Put

I - Alwyn D'souza

II - Faizal Mohamad

Talembu Ladai(Pillow Fight)

I Elvan Castelino

II Ivan Pinto

8. Couple Games

Couple Cricket

I - Jennifer & Blaze

II - Shalini & Yadunath Alva

Arbana race

I - Nasser & Wilma

II - Lateesh and Chadrika

9 Games for seniors

Musical Chair

I - Leelavati Alva

II - Hild D'silva

Passing the tender coconut

I - Emily Peris

II - Sarvani Shetty

10. Open to all

Breaking the pot

I Pradeep Kenjoor

Treasure Hunt

Rakesh Chowta

11. Team Games

Throw Ball

I - Dessert Daisies

II Mumbai Indians

Volley Ball

I - Kunjal Friends

II - Norohna Brothers


I - NavachetanaYuvaka Mandala

II - Kudla Challengers

Govinda - NavachetanaYuvaka Mandala

12. Quiz

I -Santosh Kunder

II -Govinda Babu

III William Periera

IV Alexander

V Manoj Shetty